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Babe, The Sheep Pig

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Babe wants to fit in on the farm but also wants to achieve a better destiny for himself.   Babe and the other piglets of the litter have been separated from their parents.  Babe is sent to Farmer Hogget’s property, where the farm is abuzz with activity.  There are sheep, roosters, dogs, turkeys, cats, and other animals around, and all of them seem to have a job, or “purpose” as Babe puts it.  Except Babe.  Farmer Hogget’s wife, however, has a purpose in mind for Babe: Christmas dinner!

With the help of a motherly sheep-dog named Fly, Babe may just achieve the goal of finding a new purpose.  As the Grand Champion Sheep Dog Trials grow nearer, Babe dreams of being something no animal has ever been: a Sheep-Pig.  Babe’s hard work and spirit of cooperation have touched readers’ hearts around the world, having been translated into over fifteen languages and adapted into an Oscar-winning film.

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